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We are currently advancing through the Demi-plane of Blood and high-end encounters in PoR, with farming in Anguish and DoN. We intend to work on progression through TSS in the near future.
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The time now is Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:48 am
Legendary Companions Forum Index
Welcome to Legendary Companions homepage.
We are a high end guild based on the Tribunal server.

Our primary raid hours:

Tue: 7-11 GMT (2-6 EST)
Wed: 7-11 GMT (2-6 EST)
Fri: 7-12 GMT (2-7 EST)
Sat: 5-12 GMT (12-7 EST)
Sun: 5-11 GMT (12-6 EST)

Guild Leader: Dilala
Assistant Guild Leader: Sharok

If you think you have got what it takes to join us ( X server transfers are welcome ), check out the forum and make contact with one of our recruiters.

>> Aion.
Posted: nieros @ Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:27 pm
For those interested in tying up with some of us ye olde buggers, few of us have started up on Aion.

Server : Perento [ENG]
Side : Asmodian

Myself prolly be 'nieros' (stunningly).

Zal, vran, crwyen, wudil, anel and few others shall be in attendance.

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>> Its been a great time!
Posted: Anel Mistlebane @ Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:50 am
R.I.P Legendary Companions!

I think its time to post and say that all that are left of this old guild are the memories.

I think ill speak of everyone of all the former members when i say its been many fun years and I will always remember all the friends I made in Everquest! You have been a great part of my life for many years.

Try keep in touch!

We got a Facebook group if you are interested at :

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>> Legendary Companions is recruiting!
Posted: Dilala @ Thu Apr 12, 2007 1:30 pm
Legendary Companions is recruiting!

What are we looking for?
We are currently interested in adding more active and dedicated raiders to our team, if you are interested in joining please read all of the following information carefully.

What are the requirements needed?
Level 75 and some AA's. You can find the details per class here: Membership Application

What happens if didn't meet the requirements?
If you're close you can apply, just you wont be able to pass the trial till you meet it. Anyway you will be in the guild sharing the fun with us and prolly you will find some help to get the requirements faster.

How to post an Application?
All potential recruits must submit a formal application on the ‘Guild Applications’ Forum. You can find the procedure here : How to post an application

What we expect from you?
While we strive for endgame content, above all we value our membership and their individualism, camaraderie, teamwork and having fun.

What Legendary Companions will give you?
Legendary Companions is a high-end raiding Guild on the Tribunal Server that subscribes to key family values and principles, while maintaining the drive and progression goals normally synonymous with those of a hardcore Raiding Guild.

When Legendary Companions Raid?
Our raid times are: -
Tuesday: 7pm GMT/2pm EST - 11pm GMT/6pm EST
Wednesday: 7pm GMT/2pm EST - 11pm GMT/6pm EST
Friday: 7pm GMT/2pm EST - 12am GMT/7pm EST
Saturday: 5pm GMT/12pm EST - 12am GMT/7pm EST
Sunday: 5pm GMT/12pm EST - 11pm GMT/6pm EST

Our raids aren't mandatory but we encourage everyone to attend. There is the real fun!

Who can I contact in game to give me some more informations?
After you have read all of the recruitment information thoroughly, if you have any questions about our raid times, our requirements, our recruitment process or anything else please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our recruitment officers either in game or via a private message on the board.

Our recruit officers are Zazaii, Veare and Ailiniel. But you can contact anyone to get the informations.

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>> Two out of three ain't bad
Posted: Ekquinox @ Tue Mar 06, 2007 7:46 pm
If a thing is worth doing it's worth doing right - so LC set about taking one step closer to Deathknell - and on only our second serious Suchun attempt look what happened!

Sullon Zek - we'll be seeing you real soon!

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>> Simon!!!! You be the master!
Posted: WyreWintermute @ Wed Nov 15, 2006 12:13 am
Well we started moving on PoR progression.. especially since Demiplane continues to crash as we get deeper in.

So we got a bunch of people and played some SIMON

After a couple of tries, we showed it who the master was!

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